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Bidemi Ologunde

Intelligence Analyst, Expedia Group

Bidemi Ologunde is an intelligence analyst, author, and podcaster, with a deep-seated interest in how the evolving cybersecurity landscape is interwoven with emerging technologies, geopolitics, the shadowy realm of cybercrime, and the strategies that threat actors deploy to exploit human psychology with bad intentions. His expertise is not confined to theoretical knowledge; he actively engages in open-source investigations, making significant contributions to cyber-related legal cases in almost all tiers of government – federal, state, county, tribal, city, and so on. Moreover, Bidemi extends his analytical acumen to assist in resolving Amber Alerts and missing persons cases, demonstrating a commendable commitment to ensuring society is rid of threat actors with bad intentions.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Bidemi is passionately dedicated to educating and mentoring the next generation. Through his mentorship, he aims to equip these individuals with the knowledge, skills, and ethical grounding required to excel in this challenging and rapidly changing field. His multifaceted career and dedication to professional excellence and community service underscore his role as a pivotal figure in cybersecurity and intelligence analysis.

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