Breakout Session, Hospitality

Loyalty Under Siege: Defend & Detect Account Takeovers in Reward Programs

April 11, 2024
10:00 am - 10:45 am
Agate (3rd Floor)

This session focuses on the often overlooked but critical aspect of loyalty points programs and their susceptibility to fraud through account takeovers. In this session, IANS Faculty member Gunnar Peterson will dissect how these specific attacks erode the hard-earned trust and loyalty that brands establish with their customers, leading to significant financial losses and damaging customer relationships.

This deep dive will provide a granular view of the fraud ecosystem targeting loyalty programs, exploring common attack patterns and the sophisticated tactics employed by fraudsters. Gunnar will dissect an ATO threat model, identifying what’s different from traditional threat modeling, and what we need to do to evolve our defenses against this new reality. Attendees will be equipped with specialized knowledge and tools to identify potential weaknesses within their loyalty point systems and implement robust security measures. Emphasis will be placed on advanced fraud detection techniques, leveraging AI and machine learning for predictive fraud analytics, and integrating strong authentication methods to fortify loyalty accounts. This session promises to deliver strategic guidance and practical solutions, fostering a united front across organizations to combat this increasingly prevalent and costly form of cybercrime.


Gunnar Peterson

IANS Faculty, IANS Research

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